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Our approach is simple; effectively communicate with clients, consultants, contractors or architects to intimately understand each layer of the audiovisual project.  We expertly execute each step of the implementation from both the office and the field.  Recursav follows a proven project workflow process, built upon AVIXA standards to ensure every project's success. 


  • Conduct thorough needs analysis

  • Identify end users

  • Establish project budgets

  • Discuss available solutions

  • Develop project program report


  • Identify functional, physical, and system design requirements

  • Verify all additional system components

  • Define operational requirements


  • Produce fully engineered bill of materials and documentation

  •  Install all system hardware, cabling and components

  • Configure all devices per operational requirements


  • Commission all systems

  • Follow AV systems performance verification standards and process

  • Finalize all project deliverables and perform project turnover


We back our installations with a one (1) year warranty on all installation materials and labor.  We perform a complete on-site system wellness check at the six month mark and the last business day of the warranty period.  

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