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Glass conference room with audiovisual

Entertainment Solutions That SIMPLY Work

ESports labratory with audiovisual by Recursav
ESports labratory with audiovisual by Recursav

An ESports training facility where gamers can sharpen their skills, collaborate on strategies in-game, and broadcast their station for the entire room to view.

Bowling Alleys, Arcades, Bounce Rooms, Amusement Parks, ESport Arenas, Sporting Venues, Theaters, and Recreational Facilities.  What do they all have in common?  They would not be the enjoyable experience we remember without immersive audiovisual technology.  These venues need quality sound, detailed video, dynamic lighting, acoustical treatment, and a simple way to control all of these elements.  Our thoughtful designs bring your entertainment to life.  From subtle background music to action-enhancing Dolby surround sound, from customizable menu boards to large format projection and video walls; Our team is prepared to tackle and deliver your specific requirements.

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