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Project managers review work site drawings

Design & Engineering

Executed with Precision

Interior floor plan drawings
Project managers walk job site reviewing construction plans

We offer a complete suite of consultation and design services to support your next audiovisual project.  Regardless of project size, budget, or complexity, Recursav has the experience, knowledge, and skill-set needed to put your vision on paper.  Whether you need your audiovisual requirements prepared for construction drawings, or simply contextualized within a bid package, partnering with us makes certain no detail is missed.


We provide the following engineering and design services:


  • Scope of Work Development

  • Equipment Performance Specifications

  • Functional and Operational Guidelines

  • Energy Consumption Analysis

  • Electrical Requirements

  • Product Submittals

  • CAD Drawings

  • System Block Diagrams

  • User Interface/Experience (UI/UX) Design Specifications

  • Control System Programming Expectations and Performance

  • Bid Document Compilation    

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