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Managed services for audiovisual ecosystems are more necessary now than ever before.  AV hardware demand for network resources has increased exponentially in the recent years, as has the need for complete visibility of these connected assets.  The most commonly reported incidents can be corrected remotely limiting the amount of downtime clients experience.  In fact, most incidents can be identified and corrected before the client even notices there's problem.  Recursav's monitoring and management services deliver clients the highest level of AV system availability.  It has proven to provide reassurance your technology works when it's needed, every time.    

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fullStack is an always connected cloud based resource providing clients complete and total insight into their on-premise technology.  Audiovisual systems are configured to report directly to our secured cloud environment while strictly adhering to clients' network security policies.  Whether a small-medium business with a handful of conference rooms, or enterprise customers with hundreds of huddle rooms,  conference rooms, executive boardrooms, and active learning spaces; Our proactive services provide the peace of mind your events will start on time   

There are three (3) tiers of our managed service offering, fullStack: Basic, Plus, and Premium.  Depending on the organization, there is a perfect fit for each clients' needs.

fullStack Basic

For clients with a dedicated technology staff currently managing on-premise audiovisual technology.  fullStack Basic provides your staff early warning and proactive notification of potential issues, decreasing incident resolution times and overall ticket counts.     

  • 24/7/365 Audiovisual Asset Monitoring: ​​Proactive notifications of all system statuses - device communication errors, overheating, serviceable life consumption, available firmware updates, network errors, etc..  Anything that may impact system availability is immediately identified and the client is notified.   

  • Quarterly Metric Reports: ​​Not only are the systems completely monitored, but we collect important data regarding the use and operation of clients' technology.  Data driven decision making is necessary for an organization's leadership to make the right choice when it comes time to add or replace technology.  We provide detailed metric reports that show asset uptime/downtime, source usage, on/off runtime, installed software/firmware versions vs latest updates, and much more. 

fullStack Plus

For clients with a dedicated tier-1 staff such as an IT helpdesk.  fullStack Plus provides an additional layer of triage to keep audiovisual technology up to date, tested, and always working.     

  • Everything in Basic Tier

  • Scheduled Device Firmware Updates: Audiovisual hardware manufacturers are constantly updating the latest release of important firmware based on integrator or end user reported issues.  Because there are so many different devices in a complete audiovisual system, it is imperative devices operate on the latest possible firmware to prevent known bugs from occurring.  We monitor every installed device to ensure they are operating on the latest stable release.  When outdated device firmware is identified, it is updated remotely under a planned service schedule.

  • Weekly or Daily Health Checks:  Statistics show the majority of delayed or failed meetings requiring AV resources happen in the morning especially on Monday.  Why you ask?  Evening and weekend outages unbeknownst to anyone, until now.  We spend the nights and weekends remotely verifying every component of your AV system in each room so you don't have to.  No more morning surprises and aggravations.  

fullStack Premium

For clients without dedicated staff to oversee their technology.  fullStack Premium provides full service support.     

  • Everything in Plus Tier

  • Fully Managed Device Configuration and Programming:  Integrated AV systems typically have devices that require some sort of configuration or custom programming to make everything work.  We manage these configurations to keep the appearance and functionality consistent across all rooms.  Our solution allows us to manage, update, revise or completely redo these configurations remotely as needed.   

  • Remote Reactive Maintenance:  The majority of integrated system issues do not require a service technician on-site to resolve.  We remotely address system issues providing clients with expedited service times, correcting problems within an hour if not minutes.  Clients shouldn't have to wait days for a technician schedule opening to get their technology back up and running.  

  • Same Day/ Next Day/ Same Week Onsite Service Visit:  There are times when an onsite service visit is absolutely necessary.  We provide custom service level agreements (SLAs) ensuring our clients receive adequate turnaround based on the critical nature of their AV resources.

  • Helpdesk Support:  Our support agents are standing by awaiting contact to expediently assist any audiovisual technology issues our clients face.  Available via phone, email, or chat, we are always here and happy to help.

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