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Monitoring & Management

Executed with Precision

Audiovisual network management center
Audiovisual monitoring and management logo fullStack by Recursav

Managed services for audiovisual ecosystems are more necessary now than ever before.  AV hardware demand for network resources has increased exponentially in the recent years, as has the need for complete visibility of these connected assets.  The most commonly reported incidents can be corrected remotely limiting the amount of downtime clients experience.  In fact, most incidents can be identified and corrected before the client even notices there's problem.  Recursav's monitoring and management services deliver clients the highest level of AV system availability.  It has proven to provide reassurance your technology works when it's needed, every time.    

Our service offering: fullStack is an always connected cloud based resource providing clients complete and total insight into their on-premise technology.  We offer three (3) tiers of service level agreements (SLAs) to cater to your organization's need.  Management software can also be deployed in the customer's private cloud or on-premise as needed.

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