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Audiovisual Solutions as a Service

Executed with Precision

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Audiovisual Solutions as a Service OMNIS logo by Recursav

Q: What is it?

A: Omnis (Latin meaning, "all, everything, the whole") is an innovative and purpose-built solution to optimize the cost, availability, and relevancy of business-critical technology by converting traditional capital expenditures (CAPEX) into an operational expense (OPEX). It allows organizations to keep all of their technology affordable and modern by refreshing these solutions before they become legacy problems.

Q: How does it work?

A: Hardware, software, installation, commissioning and managed services are bundled into a single solution. When an audiovisual system is on, functional and in use, it is metered and billed based on usage. When off, not functional or down due to maintenance, there is no charge. OMNIS provides organizations key data analytics on how their technology is being used and eliminates unnecessary costs during periods of low use. When the technology no longer meets business needs, the solutions are refreshed partially or in whole.  This provides companies predictable operating costs to keep all of their on-premise technology working and up to date.

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