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Glass conference room with audiovisual

Corporate Solutions That SIMPLY Work

Divide combine multipurpose training room with audiovisual by Recursav
Divide combine multipurpose training room with audiovisual by Recursav

A 3-way divide/combine training room for a corporate enterprise customer in southeast North Carolina.  They needed the ability to breakaway or combine three individual training rooms for their staff depending on the size of their meetings.  They also required unified communications in all three rooms simultaneously.

As employees return to the office, the need for meeting space with various conferencing capabilities has not decreased.  If anything, these requirements have increased due to reduced travel and remote meeting frequency.  Businesses and clients alike are expected to be present on conference calls which demand the need for clear audio and crisp video.  Cameras need to track actively speaking participants from the conference room while focusing on their voice to deliver an in-person like meeting experience.  Presentations need to be shared from any participants' mobile device or laptop quickly and with ease.  It is important that standardized devices and controls are provided to ensure employees can move from room-to-room without experiencing an entirely new set of controls or user experience.  Without these provisions, productivity hours are lost and businesses fail to capture improvements to the efficiencies they had hoped to gather.  Our experts understand the technologies that compliment the infrastructure behind your companies' network and build reliable solutions that work when expected.  

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