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What is system commissioning? 


System commissioning is quite possibly the single most important step in an audiovisual integration project.  It is the process of optimizing all installed hardware via software configuration and programming.  Performed improperly, commissioning can cause the most pervasive and critical failures in a clients' new purchase.  When performed by Recursav, clients experience extremely stable and simple to use AV systems.  Partnering with us guarantees the following:

  • High availability systems both stable and reliable

  • Development standards for continuity across all system integrations

  • Simple and intuitive interfaces

  • Well documented Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

  • Performed by highly certified individuals

  • Conformance to client brand identities

  • Research data driven UI/UX designs

  • Audio tuning using Real-Time Analyzers (RTA)

  • Standards based video calibration

  • Software versioning library accessibility    

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