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Glass conference room with audiovisual

Healthcare Solutions That SIMPLY Work

Training room in a hospital with audiovisual by Recursav
Training room in a hospital with audiovisual by Recursav

A medical training room at FirstHealth of the Carolina's latest expansion of their cancer center.  Medical staff required the ability to present materials in high detail and engage in video-conferencing with remote medical experts.

Today's healthcare providers require more technology than ever before.  To stay ahead of the curve on illnesses, medical treatments, surgical procedures, and improvement therapies these organizations need a wide variety of reliable technology designs.  They require digital signage with interactive way-finding, full-building zoned paging, displays and content for patient rooms, high resolution cameras and monitors for surgical study, video-conferencing for consultations and telemedicine, conference and training rooms for staff use, and the list goes on.  Our experts have designed, deployed, commissioned, and supported each and every instance of these requirements with the same precision expected from the medical team treating their patients.  

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