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Why Choose

01. Experience

Let's face it, experience matters.  Recursav has decades of combined experience successfully implementing a wide variety of projects.  From simple huddle rooms, to complex building wide audio/video distributions, we understand what it takes to deliver a successful project.    

02. Certifications

How should an integrator be qualified?  In our industry, it comes down to in-house certifications.  This ensures you as the client get the best possible team involved in your project.  Check out our "Partners & Certifications" page to explore our qualifications.    

03. Services

Unfortunately, a project isn't over after the last piece of hardware is installed and configured.  The ongoing commitment of an integrator to service and maintain the integrity of the installation is an absolute necessity.  Ask yourself, is your current integrator really providing you adequate service?  Can your current integrator correct issues in your system remotely before you even know there is a problem?  Does your current integrator have the ability to redesign, update, correct bugs, and perform system checks on your hardware configurations immediately without needing to schedule an on-site service visit?  Do they respond the same day to incidents reported to them? Does your current integrator provide detailed metrics on the health and usage of your AV systems? Are they always going the extra mile?  If you answered no to any of the above, your current integrator is not providing adequate service.  We can help!   

04. Accessibility

When something isn't working right, you shouldn't have to struggle contacting your integrator.  Our service portal provides immediate access to one of our support agents, self help guides to assist your organization on how to use the AV system, complete visibility to known issues, and access to planned or unplanned service outages.  

05. Financing

Current and reliable audiovisual technology is expensive.  Budgets to add or replace AV technology don't always align with the needs of your organization.  We provide traditional and creative financing options to improve your work environment without taking the capital hit.  Whether it's a loan, a lease, a capital expense, or an operational expenditure, we can provide the perfect finance vehicle for your buying power.      

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